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List Of Telugu Movies Online On PRIME and Upcoming Telugu Movies Online On PRIME

If the movie listed here is not playing in your geographical location then it is restricted in your location or try searching with the movie name in prime search bar.

Upcoming Telugu Movies on PRIME 

F3TBATBATBDDrama, Comedy

Telugu Movies on PRIME - May 2022

MAY ( 2022 )
C/O KaujuluruWatch HereMay 4IMDB - N/ADrama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - April 2022

APRIL ( 2022 )
Oh My DogWatch HereApr 21IMDB - 7.5/10Drama
CauliflowerWatch HereApr 20IMDB - 6.6/10Comedy
LiftWatch HereApr 20IMDB - N/ASuspense, Drama, Action
Radhe ShyamWatch HereApr 1IMDB - 6.9/10Romance

Telugu Movies on PRIME - March 2022

MARCH ( 2022 )
Asalu Em JarigindhanteWatch HereMar 24IMDB - 7.7/10Drama
Super MachiWatch HereMar 22IMDB - 9.2/10Action, Romance
Pure LoveWatch HereMar 14IMDB - N/ADrama
FIRWatch HereMar 12IMDB - 7.4/10Action, Thriller
KothalarayuduWatch HereMar 9IMDB - 9.2/10Action
Vasantha SameeramWatch HereMar8IMDB - N/ARomance
Ganga Of 18Watch HereMar 3IMDB - N/ADrama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - February 2022

FEBRUARY ( 2022 )
MikhaelWatch HereFeb 22IMDB - 5.1/10Action, Thriller
Madura VeeraWatch HereFeb 16IMDB - 9.8/10Action, Drama
Good Luck SakhiWatch HereFeb 12IMDB - 8.1/10Drama, Sport
SiddharthaWatch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/ADrama
Gangs Of 18Watch HereFeb 10IMDB - 8.9/10Action, Drama, Thriller
MahaanWatch HereFeb 10IMDB - 8.3/10Action, Drama, Thriller
PrakatanaWatch HereFeb 8IMDB - N/ACrime, Romance, Thriller
IPC 376Watch HereFeb 2IMDB - 5.2/10Drama, Horror, Mystery

Telugu Movies on PRIME - January 2022

JANUARY ( 2022 )
GamanamWatch HereJan 28IMDB - 8.7/10Drama
Ram AsurWatch HereJan 14IMDB - 8.8/10Action
Pushpa The RiseWatch HereJan 7IMDB - 8.1/10Action, Adventure, Crime
EakamWatch HereJan 5IMDB - 8.5/10Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Ravana LankaWatch HereJan 5IMDB - 8.9/10Action, Crime, Thriller
Urekaa Sakaa MikaaWatch HereJan 4IMDB - N/ADrama
Big BrotherWatch HereJan 4IMDB - N/ADrama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - December 2021 

DECEMBER ( 2021 )
MuddyWatch HereDec 31IMDB - 9.1/10Action, Thriller
Seetharam Benoy: Case No.18Watch HereDec 20IMDB - 7.7/10Suspense, Action
MarakkarWatch HereDec 17IMDB - 6.7/10Action, Drama, History
NatyamWatch HereDec 17IMDB - 8.7/10Drama
Madhura WinesWatch HereDec 16IMDB - 8.6/10Drama
The TripWatch HereDec 15IMDB - 6.9/10Action, Comedy, Horror
KondapolamWatch HereDec 6IMDB - 5.7/10Action, Adventure, Drama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - November 2021 

NOVEMBER ( 2021 )
Drushyam 2Watch Here
Nov 25IMDB - 8.6/10Drama, Thriller
Ide Maa KathaWatch HereNov 23IMDB - 9.1/10Adventure
The Rose VillaWatch HereNov 11IMDB - 7.8/10Suspense, Drama
Aaradugula BulletWatch HereNov 10IMDB - 7.9/10Drama, Action
FriendshipWatch HereNov 5IMDB - 6.4/10Drama, Action
Jai BhimWatch HereNov 2IMDB - 9.6/10Drama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - October 2021  

OCTOBER ( 2021 )
Lawyer ViswanathWatch HereOct 20IMDB - 9.0/10Comedy, Drama
Raktha SambandhamWatch HereOct 14IMDB - 5.3/10Drama
Gully RowdyWatch HereOct 12IMDB - 8.0/10Comedy, Drama, Action
Anaganaga Oka NenuWatch HereOct 10IMDB - N/ADrama
ThalaiviiWatch HereOct 10IMDB - 6.0/10Biography, Drama
Chinni Chinni AshaWatch HereOct 9IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Gopyam - The SecretWatch HereOct 7IMDB - N/ASuspense, Drama
KanabadutaleduWatch HereOct 5IMDB - 7.1/10Crime, Thriller
Nootokka Jillala AndagaduWatch HereOct 3IMDB - 7.4/10Comedy
Mugguru MonagalluWatch HereOct 2IMDB - 9.1/10Suspense, Drama, Comedy

Telugu Movies on PRIME - September 2021

SEPTEMBER ( 2021 )
AsmeeWatch HereSep 23IMDB - 8.9/10Mystery, Thriller
DevineniWatch HereSep 23IMDB - 9.2/10Drama, Action
NarasimhapuramWatch HereSep 18IMDB - 7.8/10Drama, Action
ChaitanyamWatch HereSep 17IMDB - 9.7/10Drama
Tuck JagadishWatch HereSep 10IMDB - 5.9/10Drama
SundariWatch HereSep 9IMDB - 7.6/10Suspense, Drama
Gold MedalWatch HereSep 6IMDB - N/ADrama
Ksheera Saagara MadhanaWatch HereSep 4IMDB - 7.3/10Drama, Action
JaWatch HereSep 4IMDB - N/ASuspense, Horror, Drama
PaagalWatch HereSep 3IMDB - 7.7/10Drama, Comedy
Parigettu ParigettuWatch HereSep 3IMDB - 7.5/10Suspense, Action
MADWatch HereSep 3IMDB - N/ADrama
TappinchukoleruWatch HereSep 2IMDB - N/ADrama, Action

Telugu Movies on PRIME - August 2021

AUGUST ( 2021 )
MADWatch HereAug 31IMDB - N/ADrama
Tempt RajaWatch HereAug 28IMDB - N/ADrama, Comedy
AngulikaWatch HereAug 28IMDB - N/ASuspense, Horror
Ye Nimishaniki Yem Jaruguno Yevaru OohinchedaruWatch HereAug 25IMDB - N/ASuspense, Comedy, Drama
CheckmateWatch HereAug 21IMDB - N/ASuspense, Comedy
Merise MeriseWatch HereAug 18IMDB - 8.8/10Romance
The PriestWatch HereAug 17IMDB - 6.5/10Suspense
Gunde PrayanamWatch HereAug 14IMDB - N/ADrama, Comedy, Action

Telugu Movies on PRIME - July 2021

JULY ( 2021 )
Buchinaidu KandrigaWatch HereJul 26IMDB- 6.8/10Drama
JoltWatch HereJul 23IMDB- 5.5/10Comedy, Action
Sarpatta ParamparaWatch HereJul 22IMDB- 9.0/10Sports, Action
NarappaWatch HereJul 20IMDB- 8.4/10Action, Drama
Singham 123Watch HereJul 16IMDB- 4.6/10Comedy, Action
VismayamWatch HereJul 9IMDB- N/ARomance, Drama, Comedy
47 DaysWatch HereJul 9IMDB- 5.6/10Drama, Suspense, Mystery

Telugu Movies on PRIME - June 2021

JUNE ( 2021 )
Krishna MukundhamWatch HereJun 30IMDB- N/ARomance, Drama
Nuvvunte Naa JathagaWatch HereJun 23IMDB- N/ARomance, Drama
Tik Tok Tripura SundariWatch HereJun 22IMDB- N/ARomance, Drama
GalipattamWatch HereJun 19IMDB- N/ADrama
Timepass Love AnteyWatch HereJun 19IMDB- N/ADrama, Romance
ChittibabuWatch HereJun 18IMDB- N/ADrama
TrueWatch HereJun 17IMDB- N/ASuspense, Romance
Nee NeedalaWatch HereJun 16IMDB- N/AHorror, Drama
MosagalluWatch HereJun 15IMDB - 8.4/10Drama
PachchisWatch HereJun 12IMDB - 7.4/10Drama
Hello MadamWatch HereJun 9IMDB- N/ADrama, Action
DOM (Series)Watch HereJun 4IMDB - 8.2/10Drama
DubsmashWatch HereJun 4IMDB - 7.4/10Drama, Action
BalaMitraWatch HereJun 3IMDB - 9.2/10Suspense
DoshamWatch HereJun 2IMDB- N/ARomance
AdithyaWatch HereJun 1IMDB- N/ADrama, Kids

Telugu Movies on PRIME - May 2021

MAY ( 2021 )
PururavaWatch HereMay 28IMDB- N/AAnimation, Romance
Gangs Of MadrasWatch HereMay 28IMDB- 5.5/10Drama, Action
Ek Mini KathaWatch HereMay 26IMDB- 8.1/10Drama
CBI Vs LoversWatch HereMay 24IMDB- N/ASuspense, Drama, Romance
HostWatch HereMay 22IMDB- N/AHorror
30 Rojullo Preminchatam ElaWatch HereMay 2230 Rojullo Preminchatam ElaRomance, Drama
Wonder Woman 1984Watch HereMay 15IMDB- 5.4/10Science Fiction, Action
Nuvvante PichheWatch HereMay 15IMDB- N/AComedy, Drama
AakashadeshanaWatch HereMay 14IMDB- N/ADrama
ViswadabhiramaWatch HereMay 14IMDB- N/ASuspense, Action
Jabillikosam AkasamalleWatch HereMay 12IMDB- N/ARomance, Action
WriterWatch HereMay 12IMDB- N/AHorror, Drama
Choosi ChoodanganeWatch HereMay 11IMDB- 7.2/10Comedy
Ishta SakhiWatch HereMay 9IMDB- N/ADrama, Romance
ShukraWatch HereMay 8IMDB- 8.5/10Suspense, Drama
Idi Na SelfieWatch HereMay 7IMDB- N/AHorror, Drama
Atma VasikaranamWatch HereMay 7IMDB- N/AHorror, Drama, Romance
Captain Rana PratapWatch HereMay 6IMDB- N/ADrama, Action
Dream BoyWatch HereMay 6IMDB- N/AComedy, Drama, Romance
NepotismWatch HereMay 6IMDB- N/ADrama
Oorantha AnukuntunnaruWatch HereMay 5IMDB- 6.5/10Drama
GulaebaghavaliWatch HereMay 1IMDB- 5.3/10Comedy, Action
Tik Tik TikWatch HereMay 1IMDB- 6.0/10Science Fiction, Action

Telugu Movies on PRIME - April 2021

APRIL ( 2021 )
Vakeel SaabWatch HereApr 30Vakeel Saab ReviewDrama, Mystery
ClimaxWatch HereApr 23IMDB- 7.7/10Comedy, Suspense, Drama
Devarakondalo Vijay PremakathaWatch HereApr 21IMDB- 5.2/10Comedy, Drama
Ee Kathalo Pathralu KalpithamWatch HereApr 21IMDB- 8.9/10Suspense, Drama
Love, Life and PakodiWatch HereApr 19IMDB- 8.6/10Comedy
Yedu Chepala KathaWatch HereApr 17IMDB- 6.6/10Comedy, Horror
Naa KathaWatch HereApr 16IMDB- N/ASuspense, Drama
Dosth Mera DosthWatch HereApr 16IMDB- N/ADrama, Comedy
SimhasanamWatch HereApr 16IMDB- 3.0/10Action, Drama
PrayanikuduWatch HereApr 15IMDB- N/AAction, Drama
SashiWatch HereApr 15Sashi Critics ReviewDrama
E Kathalo Paatralu KalpithamWatch HereApr 13IMDB- 9.0/10Drama, Thriller
YuvarathnaaWatch HereApr 12IMDB- 6.4/10Action, Drama
Jaathi RatnaluWatch HereApr 11Jaathi Ratnalu ReviewDrama, Comedy
Tongi Tongi Chudamaku ChandamamaWatch HereApr 10IMDB- N/ADrama, Romantic
Double SketchWatch HereApr 8IMDB- N/ADrama
Power PlayWatch HereApr 5IMDB- 6.8/10Suspene, Action
April 28 Em JarigindiWatch HereApr 4IMDB- 7.2/10Suspense, Horror
AksharamWatch HereApr 4IMDB- N/AAction, Drama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - March 2021

MARCH ( 2021 )
TenetWatch HereMar 31IMDB- 7.5/10Science Fiction, Drama, Action
GajakesariWatch HereMar 30IMDB- 6.5/10Drama, Action
Nipah VirusWatch HereMar 27IMDB - 7.9/10Suspense, Drama
Utthama kali purushuduWatch HereMar 26IMDB- N/ADrama, Romance
MMOFWatch HereMar 25IMDB - 4.5/10Suspense
Shaadi MubarakWatch HereMar 25IMDB - 8.6/10Drama, Comedy
Abbayi tho AmmayiWatch HereMar 24IMDB - 6.8/10Comedy, Romance
KapatadhaariWatch HereMar 20KapatadhaariReviewThriller
Avasarinko AbaddamWatch HereMar 17IMDB - 8.6/10Suspense, Horror, Action
AaviriWatch HereMar 16IMDB - 4.4/10Suspense, Horror
A-ad infinitumWatch HereMar 15IMDB - 8.8/10Suspense, Drama
SaltWatch HereMar 15IMDB- N/ASuspense
Vittal WadiWatch HereMar 8IMDB- 8.6/10Drama
EurekaWatch HereMar 8IMDB- 6.7/10Suspense
Nenosthe JatharaWatch HereMar 8IMDB- N/ADrama
AksharaWatch HereMar 5Akshara ReviewThriller
V1 Murder CaseWatch HereMar 5IMDB- 7.0/10Drama, Thriller
Aakasamlo Aasala HarivilluWatch HereMar 5IMDB- N/ADrama
Pandu Gadi Photo StudioWatch HereMar 2IMDB- N/AComedy, Drama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - February 2021

FEBRUARY ( 2021 )
G - ZombieWatch HereFeb 25IMDB - N/ASuspense, Sci-Fi
Mr and MissWatch HereFeb 25IMDB - N/ARomance
Sri Ramachandrudu EverakkadaWatch HereFeb 25IMDB - N/ADrama
MoothanWatch HereFeb 24IMDB - 7.5/10Crime,Action
The Broken Hearts GalleryWatch HereFeb 24IMDB - 6.2/10Romance, Comedy
Satya HarischandraWatch HereFeb 20IMDB - N/ADrama, Special Interest
Radha KrishnaWatch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/ADrama, Kids
UnhingedWatch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
JournalistWatch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/AAction, Drama
Jai SenaWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/AAction, Drama
Cheppina Evaru NammaruWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/AAction, Romance
Oka Telugu Prema KathaWatch HereFeb 13IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Life In A YearWatch HereFeb 12IMDB - 5.5/10Drama, Romance
VenkatapuramWatch HereFeb 12IMDB - N/ASuspense
RaaniWatch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
Bale Manchi Chowka BeramWatch HereFeb 11IMDB - 6.3/10Drama, Comedy
ActionWatch HereFeb 8IMDB - 4.5/10Action, Suspense
Nuvvu Nenu OkkataitheWatch HereFeb 5IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Edaina JaragochuWatch HereFeb 5IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
The FogWatch HereFeb 4IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
Anjali CBIWatch HereFeb 4IMDB - 7.4/10Suspense
Ee DooramWatch HereFeb 4IMDB - N/AComedy, Romance
DDDWatch HereFeb 3IMDB - N/ADrama, Suspense
O Manishi Nivu YevaruWatch HereFeb 2IMDB - N/ASpecial Interest, Documentary

Telugu Movies on PRIME - January 2021

JANUARY ( 2021 )
ActionWatch HereJan 31IMDB - 4.4/10Action, Suspense
MasterWatch HereJan 29IMDB - 7.6/10Crime, Thriller
Super EncounterWatch HereJan 20IMDB - N/AAction, Drama, Suspense
The Ghost ResortWatch HereJan 20IMDB - N/ADrama, Horror
Wild WorldWatch HereJan 16IMDB - N/ASuspense, Documentary
Nanna PremaWatch HereJan 13IMDB - N/ADrama
MaaraWatch HereJan 13IMDB - 7.8/10Romance, Musical, Drama
GramamWatch HereJan 12IMDB - N/ADrama, Horror, Suspense
SwardhamWatch HereJan 12IMDB - N/ADrama
MogalturuWatch HereJan 12IMDB - N/ADrama
Marana SwasaWatch HereJan 12IMDB - N/AHorror, Drama, Suspense
Miss FireWatch HereJan 11IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Point BlankWatch HereJan 10IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
ValasaWatch HereJan 9IMDB - N/ADrama
Evaraa KillerWatch HereJan 7IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
Love Dairy'sWatch HereJan 5IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance

Telugu Movies on PRIME - December 2020

DECEMBER ( 2020 )
LisaaWatch HereDec 30IMDB - 3.2/10Horror
MahashivWatch HereDec 29IMDB - N/ADrama, Suspense
ShivathandavamWatch HereDec 28IMDB - N/AAction
Vitamin SheWatch HereDec 28IMDB - 7.3/10Comedy, Romance
UndiporadheyWatch HereDec 28IMDB - 7.3/10Romance, Drama
MurderWatch HereDec 28IMDB - 4.7/10Drama, Suspense
JayadevWatch HereDec 22IMDB - 7.3/10Action, Drama
UsuruWatch HereDec 22IMDB - N/AHorror, Suspense
HowlWatch HereDec 22IMDB - 5.4/10Horror, Suspense
Guvva GorinkaWatch HereDec 17Guvva Gorinka ReviewRomance, Drama
It's Time To PartyWatch HereDec 17IMDB - N/ASuspense, Action
Blue EyesWatch HereDec 17IMDB - N/ASuspense, Romance
AapadhbandhavuduWatch HereDec 17IMDB - N/ADrama, Action
Chithakkotudu 2Watch HereDec 14IMDB - N/AHorror, Comedy, Drama
Gully GangWatch HereDec 13IMDB - 9.2/10Comedy
Mirzapur 2Watch HereDec 11IMDB - 8.4/10Drama, Suspense, Drama
IIT KrishnaMurthyWatch HereDec 10IIT Krishnamurthy ReviewDrama, Mystery
Babu Baaga BusyWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 6.5/10Comedy
Mana Oori RamayanamWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 6.8/10Drama, Comedy
Thupaki RamuduWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 6.4/10Drama, Comedy
Ee Maya PeremitoWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 6.1/10Romance, Drama
RachayithaWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 7.2/10Suspense, Drama
BoyWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 7.0/10Drama
Paper boyWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 6.4/10Drama, Comedy, Action
SuryakanthamWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 5.5/10Drama, Comedy
Guppedantha PremaWatch HereDec 9IMDB - 7.2/10Drama, Comedy, Romance
24 KissesWatch HereDec 8IMDB - 4.8/10Romance
BomBhaatWatch HereDec 3Bombhaat ReviewFantasy, Romance
Tenali RamaKrishna Ba BlWatch HereDec 3IMDB - 4.9/10Drama, Comedy, Action
RiskWatch HereDec 1IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance

Telugu Movies on PRIME - November 2020

NOVEMBER ( 2020 )
Nipah VirusWatch HereNov 28IMDB - 7.9/10Drama, Thriller
ValayamWatch HereNov 23IMDB - 6.2/10Mystery, Thriller
Middle Class MelodiesWatch HereNov 20Middle Class Melodies ReviewComedy, Drama, Romance
16 Every Detail CountsWatch HereNov 13IMDB - 8.3/10Crime, Mystery
Aakasham Nee Haddu RaWatch HereNov 12Aakasham Nee Haddu Ra ReviewDrama, Based on True Story
DhiraWatch HereNov 11IMDB - 7.9/10Animation
KalamWatch HereNov 11IMDB - 8.0/10Kids, Comedy
Naari Naari Naduma MurariWatch HereNov 10IMDB - N/AComedy, Romance
Annapurnamma gari manavaduWatch HereNov 9IMDB - N/ADrama
GathamWatch HereNov 6Gatham ReviewThriller

Telugu Movies on PRIME - October 2020

OCTOBER ( 2020 )
KhiladiWatch HereOct 29IMDB - 5.4/10Comedy, Drama
Jatha KaliseWatch HereOct 20IMDB - N/AComedy, Romance
Nidhi VetaWatch HereOct 18IMDB - 5.7/10Thriller
TungabhadraWatch HereOct 15IMDB - 6.2/10Action and Romance
Ee Nagaraniki EmaindiWatch HereOct 9IMDB - 7.9/10Comedy, Drama
NIshabdhamWatch HereOct 2Nishabdham ReviewHorror, Thriller, Mystery

Telugu Movies on PRIME - September 2020

SEPTEMBER ( 2020 )
Patel SirWatch HereSep 30IMDB - 5.6/10Action
R U MarriedWatch HereSep 25IMDB - N/ADrama and Romance
Seetha SriramWatch HereSep 25IMDB - N/ADrama
Silly FellowsWatch HereSep 23IMDB - 5.9/10Comedy
Sapthagiri LLBWatch HereSep 23IMDB - 7/10Comedy, Drama
Sapthagiri ExpressWatch HereSep 22IMDB - 7.4/10Comedy
Dikkulu Choodaku RamayyaWatch HereSep 18IMDB - 5.9/10Comedy
LuciferWatch HereSep 9IMDB - 7.5/10Drama, Action
Junction lo JayamaliniWatch HereSep 7IMDB - N/ADrama
Yudham SharanamWatch HereSep 5IMDB - 6/10Action, Thriller
VWatch HereSep 5V ReviewAction, Crime, Thriller
MasakkaliWatch HereSep 3IMDB - N/ARomance
MaithrivanamWatch HereSep 2IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance

Telugu Movies on PRIME - August 2020

AUGUST ( 2020 )
Fashion Designer s/o Ladies TailorWatch HereAug 28IMDB - 5.6/10Comedy
Asalu Em JarigindhanteWatch HereAug 15IMDB - 1.9/10Romance, Suspense
MithaiWatch HereAug 14IMDB - 4.3/10Comedy
Happy JourneyWatch HereAug 13IMDB - 6.9/10Comedy
Tholu BommalataWatch HereAug 13IMDB - 6.2/10Drama, Comedy
Paramanandham ShishyuluWatch HereAug 8IMDB - N/ADrama, Comedy
SamaramWatch HereAug 8IMDB - N/AAction, Romance, Suspense
YuvathaWatch HereAug 4IMDB - 5.9/10Comedy, Drama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - July 2020

JULY ( 2020 )
Wish You Happy BreakupWatch HereJul 26IMDB - 7.4/10Comedy, Drama, Romance
334 Va KadhaWatch HereJul 21IMDB - N/AHorror, Suspense
Bham BolenathWatch HereJul 21IMDB - 6.8/10Comedy
CitizenWatch HereJul 20IMDB - N/AAction, Suspense
SaradhiWatch HereJul 20IMDB - N/ADrama
SamshayamWatch HereJul 20IMDB - N/AComedy, Romance
Mixture PotlamWatch HereJul 10IMDB - N/AComedy

Telugu Movies on PRIME - June 2020

JUNE ( 2020 )
PenguinWatch HereJun 18IMDB - 4.6/10Drama, Mystery, Thriller
KavachamWatch HereJun 17IMDB - 5.5/10Action, Thriller
Pressure CookerWatch HereJun 8IMDB - 6.4/10Comedy, Family Drama

Telugu Movies on PRIME - May 2020

MAY ( 2020 )
SavaariWatch HereMay 31IMDB - 5.8/10Romance
RathamWatch HereMay 31IMDB - 5.8/10Comedy, Drama, Romance
Ragala 24 GantalloWatch HereMay 24IMDB - 5.2/10Thriller
NatakamWatch HereMay 19IMDB - 5.9/10Action
SrivalliWatch HereMay 18IMDB - 4.8/10Sci-fi
Vajra Kavachadhara
Watch HereMay 15IMDB - 5.2/10Action

Telugu Movies on PRIME - April 2020

APRIL ( 2020 )
AatagalluWatch HereApr 24IMDB - 5.4/10Action, Suspense
MarshalWatch HereApr 21IMDB - 6.8/10Action, Drama, Suspense
MadhaWatch HereApr 8IMDB - 5.3/10Drama
Palasa 1978Watch HereApr 6IMDB - 7.6/10Action, Drama
LoverWatch HereApr 4IMDB - 5.3/10Action, Romance
HITWatch HereApr 1IMDB - 7.7/10Suspense

Telugu Movies on PRIME - March 2020

MARCH ( 2020 )
Anukunnadhi Okkati Aynadhi OkkatiWatch HereMar 24IMDB - 8.3/10Comedy, Horror, Suspense
Shoot At Sight UtharvuWatch HereMar 23IMDB - 6.3/10Action, Drama, Suspense
KalkiWatch HereMar 20IMDB - 6.9/10Action, Drama, Suspense
Raja Vaaru Raani GaaruWatch HereMar 18IMDB - 7.5/10Romance
Vasantha KalamWatch HereMar 18IMDB - 2.6/10Drama, Suspense
O Pitta KathaWatch HereMar 17IMDB - 6.9/10Romance, Suspense
Local BoyWatch HereMar 14IMDB - 5.7/10Action, Drama
JaanuWatch HereMar 13IMDB - 7/10Romance
Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa BiddaluWatch HereMar 13IMDB - 3.5/10Comedy, Suspense, Drama
Enduko Emo