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List Of Web Series On AHA & Short Films On AHA

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List of Telugu Web Series on AHA and List of Telugu Short Films on AHA

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AHA Web Series List - 2022

FEBRUARY ( 2022 )
Bhama KalapamComing SoonFeb 11IMDB - N/ADrama
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-12)Coming SoonFeb 4IMDB - N/ATalk-Show

JANUARY ( 2022 )
Unstoppable (Special Episode-11)Watch HereJan 28IMDB - N/AGame-Show
Samajavaragamana EP-4(Aha Minis)Watch HereJan 26IMDB - N/ADrama
Samajavaragamana EP-3(Aha Minis)Watch HereJan 19IMDB - N/ADrama
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-9)Watch HereJan 14IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 12)Watch HereJan 13IMDB - N/AGame Show
Samajavaragamana EP-2(Aha Minis)Watch HereJan 12IMDB - N/ADrama
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-8)Watch HereJan 7IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 11)Watch HereJan 6IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 8)Watch HereJan 5IMDB - N/AShow
Samajavaragamana EP-1(Aha Minis)Watch HereJan 4IMDB - N/ADrama

AHA Web Series List - 2021

Unstoppable With NBK (EP-7)Watch HereDec 31IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 10)Watch HereDec 31IMDB - N/AGame Show
SenapathiWatch HereDec 31IMDB - 8.8/10Drama
Chef Mantra (EP - 7)Watch HereDec 29IMDB - N/AShow
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-6)Watch HereDec 25IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 9)Watch HereDec 23IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 6)Watch HereDec 22IMDB - N/AShow
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-5)Watch HereDec 17IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 8)Watch HereDec 16IMDB - N/AGame Show
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-4)Watch HereDec 10IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 7)Watch HereDec 9IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 4)Watch HereDec 8IMDB - N/AShow
Alludu Garu (Series)
EP - 5
Watch HereDec 3IMDB - N/ADrama
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-3)Watch HereDec 3IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Sarkaar (EP- 6)Watch HereDec 2IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 3)Watch HereDec 1IMDB - N/AShow
Sarkaar (EP- 6)Watch HereDec 2IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 3)Watch HereDec 1IMDB - N/AShow
Alludu Garu (Series)
EP - 4
Watch HereNov 27IMDB - N/ADrama
Sarkaar (EP- 5)Watch HereNov 25IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 2)Watch HereNov 24IMDB - N/AShow
3 Roses (EP: 5 - 8, Series)Watch HereNov 19IMDB - N/ADrama
Sarkaar (EP- 4)Watch HereNov 18IMDB - N/AGame Show
Chef Mantra (EP - 1)Watch HereNov 17IMDB - N/AShow
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-2)Watch HereNov 12IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
3 Roses (EP: 1- 4,Series)Watch HereNov 12IMDB - N/ADrama
Sarkaar (EP-3)Watch HereNov 11IMDB - N/AGame Show
Alludu Garu (Series)
EP - 2
Watch HereNov 9IMDB - N/ADrama
Sarkaar (EP-2)Watch HereNov 4IMDB - N/AGame Show
Unstoppable With NBK (EP-1)Watch HereNov 4IMDB - N/ATalk-Show
Alludu Garu (Series)
EP - 1
Watch HereOct 29IMDB - N/ADrama
The Baker And The BeautyWatch HereSep 10IMDB - 7.4/10Romance, Drama
Taragathi GadhiWatch HereAug 20IMDB - 7.9/10Romance, Comedy, Drama
You Avakay Mee Ice Cream ( Series )Watch HereAug 5IMDB - NADrama
Aha BojanambuWatch HereJul 23IMDB - NACooking Show
Kudi Yedamaithe (Series)Watch HereJul 16IMDB - 8.8/10Crime, Thriller
In The Name Of God (Series)Watch HereJun 18IMDB - 7.1/10Thriller
11 HourWatch HereApril 9IMDB - 6.2/10Drama, Thriller
Yaari ( Season 3 )Watch HereMarch 14IMDB - NATalk-Show
AHA Web-series List - 2020

Web SeriesLinkLengthFrom
HoneymoonWatch Here1 Season, 7 EpisodesNov 27
Sam JamWatch Here1 Season, 8 EpisodesNov 13
Commit MentalWatch Here1 Season, 5 EpisodesNov 13
Tamasha With HarshaWatch Here1 Season 8 EpisodesNov 6
Web SeriesLinkLengthFrom
Adham Watch Here1 Season, 3 EpisodesOct 16
Web SeriesLinkLengthFrom
All Is Well Watch Here1 Season, 8 Episodes Aug 15
Metro KathaluWatch Here1 Season, 4 EpisodesAug 14
Web SeriesLinkLengthFrom
LockedWatch Here1 Season, 7 EpisodesMar 30
SINWatch Here1 Season, 7 EpisodesMar 30
Web SeriesLinkLengthFrom
Masti'sWatch Here1 Season, 8 EpisodesFeb 8
Web SeriesLinkLengthFrom
Shit HappensWatch Here1 Season, 5 EpisodesJan 25
Kotha Poradu Watch Here1 Season, 10 EpisodesJan 25
Geetha SubramanyamWatch Here1 Season, 8 EpisodesJan 25

AHA Short Films List

Short FilmsLinkLengthFrom
VarnamalaWatch Here For Free16 Minutes 52 SecondsOct 16
Nene DevuduWatch Here For Free20 Minutes 9 SecondsOct 16
MounamWatch Here For Free20 Minutes 29 secondsOct 16
Maraka Ayithe EmitiWatch Here For Free14 Minutes 28 secondsOct 16
Atma Rama Ananda RamanaWatch Here For Free18 Minutes 17 secondsOct 16

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