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Tidbits - Oct 4th

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1) Nivetha pethuraj snapped at Hyderabad Airport 

Nivetha Pethuraj snapped at Hyderabad Airport. She is so simple with her travel leisure dress with black top. In order to be safe during this pandemic, she puts on her mask too.

2) 24 years for Ninne Pelladatha movie

By today, it is 24 years for Ninne Pelladata movie in Which Nagarjuna Akkineni and Tabu played the main roles. This movie is a family entertainer which was a blockbuster hit.

3) Raashi khanna’s new photoshoot pics saying winter is here

Raashi Khanna looks stunning with her new photoshoot pics. As winter is here, she is with a warm clothes photoshoot.

4) Priyanka Sharma's (Saavari fame) weekend vibes

As the weekend is coming up, Priyanka Sharma in a good mood with weekend vibes. She is ready with her plans for the weekend. What about you all? 

5) Sai Pallavi as she arrives to Hyderabad Airport

Sai Pallavi, like the girl to next door is so simple if you see her pic captured at airport as she arrives to Hyderabad. 

6) 19 Years for 'Daddy' movie

It has been 19 years for 'Daddy' movie. The movie was super hit in those days in Mega Star Chiranjeevi garu and Simran acted in main roles. In this movie, Allu Arjun appeared in a small role who has passion towards dance.

7) Varun Tej posts his throwback pic from 'Tholiprema'

"Tholiprema" movie was super hit. Beside Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna played a main role in it. Thinking of those movie days, Varun Tej posted a throwback picture from this movie.

8) Sai Pallavi enjoying in nature

Sai Pallavi enjoys spending in nature. She like a child swings from one side to another with the help of plant stem. Did anyone of you played like this during your childhood days?

10) Pranitha Subash  - Flying flying flying 

Pranitha Subhash flying and enjoying her vacay safely due to pandemic. This gorgeous lady is with simple outfit on her journey.

11) Anushka shares a candid pic taken at the time of 'mirchi' movie

Actress Anushka shares a candid pic taken at the time of 'Mirchi' movie sets. Its a pic in which look at each other with smiling faces with a marriage dress.

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