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List Of English Movies On Netflix | Upcoming English Movies On Netflix

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List Of English Movies On Netflix and Upcoming English movies on Netflix. Netflix English Movies list. Full English movies list on Netflix.

English Movies On Netflix - May 2022

MAY (2022)
Stranger Things (Season-4)Watch HereMay 27IMDB - N/ADrama, Mystery, Fantasy
The Photographer: Murder In PinamarWatch HereMay 19IMDB - N/ADocumentary
A Perfect PairingWatch HereMay 19IMDB - N/ARomance, Comedy
Cyber Hell: Exposing An Internet HorrorWatch HereMay 18IMDB - N/ADocumentary
Senior YearWatch HereMay 13IMDB - N/AComedy
Savage BeautyWatch HereMay 12IMDB - N/ADrama
The TakedownWatch HereMay 6IMDB - 5.7/10Action, Comedy, Crime

English Movies On Netflix - April 2022

APRIL (2022)
Ozark (Season-4)Watch HereApr 29IMDB - 8.5/10Drama
BubbleWatch HereApr 28IMDB - 6.5/10Drama
365 Days: This DayWatch HereApr 27IMDB - 2.5/10Drama, Romance
Silverton siegeWatch HereApr 27IMDB - 6.1/10Action, Crime, Drama
Along For The RideWatch HereApr 22IMDB - 6.0/10Drama, Romance
Dancing On GlassWatch HereApr 8IMDB - 5.4/10Drama, Thriller
Yaksha: Ruthless OperationsWatch HereApr 8IMDB - 6.2/10Action, Crime, Thriller
Return To SpaceWatch HereApr 7IMDB - 7.4/10Documentary
Battle: FreestyleWatch HereApr 1IMDB - 4.3/10Drama, Romance
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age ChildhoodWatch HereApr 1IMDB - 8.2/10Animation, Adventure, Drama
The BubbleWatch HereApr 1IMDB - 6.1/10Comedy

English Movies On Netflix - March 2022

MARCH (2022)
All HailWatch HereMar 30IMDB - N/ADrama
Love Like The Falling PetalsWatch HereMar 24IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Without Saying GoodbyeWatch HereMar 18IMDB - N/AAction
Black CrabWatch HereMar 18IMDB - 6.4/10Action, Adventure, Drama
Human ResourcesWatch HereMar 18IMDB - N/AAnimation, Comedy
Eternally Confused And Eager For LoveWatch HereMar 18IMDB - N/AComedy, Romance, Thriller
WindfallWatch HereMar 18IMDB - N/ACrime, Drama, Thriller
Rescued By RubyWatch HereMar 17IMDB - N/ABiography, Drama
Formula 1: Drive To Survive (Season-4)Watch HereMar 11IMDB - N/ADocumentary, Sport
The Adam ProjectWatch HereMar 11IMDB - N/AAction, Adventure, Comedy
The Invisible ThreadWatch HereMar 4IMDB - 6.5/10Drama, Comedy
Surviving Paradise: A Family TaleWatch HereMar 3IMDB - 7.7/10Documentary
The Weekend AwayWatch HereMar 3IMDB - 5.6/10Crime, Drama, Mystery
Against The IceWatch HereMar 2IMDB - 6.5/10Adventure, Drama, History

English Movies On Netflix - February 2022

Tyler Perry's A Madea HomecomingWatch HereFeb 25IMDB - N/AComedy
Back To 15 Vikings: Valhalla (Series)Watch HereFeb 25IMDB - N/ADrama
Cat Burglar (Series)Watch HereFeb 22IMDB - N/AAnimation
Texas Chainsaw MassacreWatch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/ACrime, Horror, Thriller
Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission To MarsWatch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/AAnimation, Comedy
Space Force (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/AComedy
Fistful Of VengeanceWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/AAction, Crime, Drama
Forgive Us Our TrespassesWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/ADrama
Heart ShotWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/AAction
EraxWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/ADrama
Young Wallander: Killer's ShadowWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - N/ACrime, Drama, Mystery
Swap Shop (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 16IMDB - N/AReality
Toy Boy (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/AAction, Adventure, Crime
Love Is Blind (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/ARomance
Big BugWatch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/AComedy, Sci-Fi
Tall Girl 2Watch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Inventing AnnaWatch HereFeb 11IMDB - N/ADrama
Disenchantment Part-4Watch HereFeb 9IMDB - N/AAnimation, Action, Adventure
Love Is Blind Japan (Series)Watch HereFeb 8IMDB - N/ARomance
Sweet Magnolias (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 4IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Through My WindowWatch HereFeb 4IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama, Mystery
Murderville (Series)Watch HereFeb 3IMDB - N/AComedy, Crime, Mystery
Dark Desire (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 2IMDB - 6.5/10Drama, Mystery, Thriller
My Best Friend Anne FrankWatch HereFeb 1IMDB - 6.6/10Drama
Raising Dion (Season-2)Watch HereFeb 1IMDB - N/ADrama, Sci-Fi

English Movies On Netflix - January 2022

JANUARY (2022)
In From The Cold (Series)Watch HereJan 28IMDB - N/ACrime, Drama, Thriller
Home TeamWatch HereJan 28IMDB - N/AComedy
The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window (Series)Watch HereJan 28IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama, Mystery
The Sinner (Season-4)Watch HereJan 26IMDB - 7.9/10Crime, Drama
Snowpiercer (Season-3)Watch HereJan 25IMDB - 6.9/10Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Ozark (Seaon-4)Watch HereJan 21IMDB - 8.4/10Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Royal TreatmentWatch HereJan 20IMDB - 5.3/10Comedy, Romance
Too Hot To Handle (Season-3)Watch HereJan 19IMDB - 4.6/10Romance
Heavenly Bites: Mexico (Series)Watch HereJan 19IMDB - 6.5/10Documentary
The House (Series)Watch HereJan 14IMDB - 7.0/10Animation, Comedy, Drama
Riverdance: The Animated AdventureWatch HereJan 14IMDB - 5.3/10Animation, Fantasy
Archive81 (Season-1)Watch HereJan 14IMDB - 7.6/10Drama, Horror, Mystery
The Journalist (Series)Watch HereJan 13IMDB - 7.1/10Drama, Thriller
BrazenWatch HereJan 13IMDB - 3.9/10Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cheer (Season-2)Watch HereJan 12IMDB - N/ADrama
The WastelandWatch HereJan 6IMDB - 4.6/10Action
Four To DinnerWatch HereJan 5IMDB - 6.4/10Comedy, Romance
Rebelde (Series)Watch HereJan 5IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Chief Daddy 2: Going For BrokeWatch HereJan 1IMDB - 3.3/10Comedy, Drama
The Hook Up Plan (Season-3)Watch HereJan 1IMDB - 7.2/10Romance, Comedy

English Movies On Netflix - December 2021

The Lost DaughterWatch HereDec 31IMDB - 6.7/10Drama
Don't Look UpWatch HereDec 24IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
A California Christmas: City LightsWatch HereDec 16IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
A Naija ChristmasWatch HereDec 16IMDB - N/ADrama
Puff: Wonders Of The ReefWatch HereDec 16IMDB - N/ADocumentary
137 ShotsWatch HereDec 15IMDB - N/ACrime, Documentary
Superstore (Season-6)Watch HereDec 15IMDB - N/AComedy
The UnforgivableWatch HereDec 10IMDB - 7.8/10Drama
Back To The OutbackWatch HereDec 10IMDB - N/AAnimation, Adventure, Comedy
Asakusa KidWatch HereDec 9IMDB - N/ABiography, Drama
VOIRWatch HereDec 6IMDB - N/ADocumentary
Cobalt BlueWatch HereDec 3IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
MixtapeWatch HereDec 3IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Money Heist (Season-5) (Vol-2)Watch HereDec 3IMDB - N/ACrime, Adventure
Sing All The WayWatch HereDec 2IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama, Romance
Lost In Space (Season-3)Watch HereDec 1IMDB - N/AAdventure
The Power Of The DogWatch HereDec 1IMDB - 6.9/10Drama, Romance
The Summit Of The GodsWatch HereNov 30IMDB - 7.6/10Animation, Adventure, Drama
A Castle For ChristmasWatch HereNov 26IMDB - N/AAdventure, Comedy
Robin RobinWatch HereNov 24IMDB - 7.8/10Animation, Adventure
BruisedWatch HereNov 24IMDB - 5.5/10Drama
A Boy Called ChristmasWatch HereNov 24IMDB - N/AAdventure, Drama
Tick Tick BoomWatch HereNov 19IMDB - N/ABiography, Drama
DhamakaWatch HereNov 19IMDB - N/AAction, Drama, Thriller
The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The StarWatch HereNov 18IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Red NoticeWatch HereNov 12IMDB - 6.8/10Action, Comedy, Crime
PassingWatch HereNov 10IMDB - 6.8/10Drama
Happiness Ever AfterWatch HereNov 10IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Father Christmas Is BackWatch HereNov 7IMDB - N/AComedy
Love HardWatch HereNov 5IMDB - 6.5/10Comedy, Romance
Meenakshi SundareshwarWatch HereNov 5IMDB - 8.7/10Comedy, Romance
The Harder They FallWatch HereNov 3IMDB - 6.3/10Drama
OCTOBER (2021)
Colin In Black And White (Series)Watch HereOct 29IMDB - 4.4/10Bigraphy, Drama
Army Of ThievesWatch HereOct 29IMDB - 6.4/10Action, Crime,Horror
Luis Miguel (Series)Watch HereOct 28IMDB - 8.0/10Bigraphy, Drama
HypnoticWatch HereOct 27IMDB - 5.2/10Horror, Thriller
Maya And The Three (Series)Watch HereOct 22IMDB - 8.3/10Animation, Action, Adventure
Inside Job (Series)Watch HereOct 22IMDB - N/AAnimation, Comedy
Stuck TogetherWatch HereOct 20IMDB - 6.3/10Comedy
Night TeethWatch HereOct 20IMDB - 5.6/10Action, Crime, Drama
FoundWatch HereOct 20IMDB - 5.9/10Drama
The Four Of UsWatch HereOct 15IMDB - 5.3/10Comedy, Drama, Romance
Karma's World (Series)Watch HereOct 15IMDB - 8.0/10Animation, Comedy
Little Things (Season -4)Watch HereOct 15IMDB - 8.3/10Comedy, Drama, Romance
You (Series)Watch HereOct 15IMDB - 7.7/10Crime, Drama, Romance
Convergence: Courage In A CrisisWatch HereOct 12IMDB - N/ADocumentary
Bright: Samurai SoulWatch HereOct 12IMDB - N/AAnimation, Action, Adventure
The Baby Sitters Club (Series)Watch HereOct 11IMDB - 7.4/10Comedy, Drama
Pretty Smart (Series)Watch HereOct 8IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths (Series)Watch HereOct 8IMDB - N/ADocumentary, Crime, History
Pokemon the Movie: Secrets Of The JungleWatch HereOct 8IMDB - 7.5/10Animation
Bad Sport (Series)Watch HereOct 6IMDB - N/ADocumentary, Crime, Mystery
Forever RichWatch HereOct 2IMDB - 5.3/10Comedy, Crime, Drama
Maid (Series)Watch HereOct 1IMDB - 8.6/10Comedy, Drama
The GuiltyWatch HereOct 1IMDB - 6.3/10Crime, Drama, Thriller
Diana: The MusicalWatch HereOct 1IMDB - 5.2/10Bigraphy, Drama
AUGUST (2021)
He's All ThatWatch HereAug 27IMDB - 4.4/10Comedy, Romance
Untold: Caitlyn JennerWatch HereAug 24IMDB - 6.2/10Documentary, Sport
The Witcher: Nightmare Of The WolfWatch HereAug 23IMDB - 7.4/10Animation, Action, Adventure
Sweet GirlWatch HereAug 20IMDB - 5.5/10Action, Drama, Thriller
The Loud House MovieWatch HereAug 20IMDB - 6.5/10Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Memories Of A Murderer: The Nilsen TapesWatch HereAug 18IMDB - 6.3/10Drama, Mystery
Untold: Deal With The DevilWatch HereAug 17IMDB - 6.9/10Documentary, Sport
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs And ShawWatch HereAug 13IMDB - 6.4/10Action, Adventure, Thriller
BeckettWatch HereAug 13IMDB - 5.9/10Action, Drama, Crime
VivoWatch HereAug 6IMDB - 7.4/10Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Shiny Flakes: The Teenage LordWatch HereAug 3IMDB - 7.4/10Documentary, Biography, Crime
JULY (2021)
The Last MerceneryWatch HereJul 30IMDB - 5.4/10Action, Comedy
Resort To LoveWatch HereJul 29IMDB - 7.5/10Comedy, Romance
Birds Of PreyWatch HereJul 29IMDB - 6.1/10Crime, Adventure
Kingdom: Ashin Of The North (Season-2)Watch HereJul 23IMDB - 7.2/10Action, Drama, Fantasy
The Last Letter From Your LoverWatch HereJul 23IMDB - 6.8/10Drama, Romance
Chernobyl 1986Watch HereJul 21IMDB - 4.3/10Drama
Trollhunters: Rise Of The TitansWatch HereJul 21IMDB - 7.1/10Animation, Action, Adventure
Never Have I Ever (Season-2)Watch HereJul 16IMDB - 7.9/10Comedy, Drama
Fear Street Part 3: 1666Watch HereJul 16IMDB - 6.7/10Horror, Mystery
DeepWatch HereJul 16IMDB - 4.9/10Drama
Gunpowder MilkshakeWatch HereJul 14IMDB - 6.0/10Action, Adventure, Thriller
The Water ManWatch HereJul 9IMDB - 4.9/10Adventure, Drama, Family
Fear Street Part 2: 1978Watch HereJul 9IMDB - 6.8/10Horror, Mystery
Fear Street Part 1: 1994Watch HereJul 2IMDB - 6.2/10Horror, Mystery
The 8th NightWatch HereJul 2IMDB - 5.5/10Horror, Thriller
Haseen DillrubaWatch HereJul 2IMDB - 6.9/10Mystery, Thriller
AudibleWatch HereJul 1IMDB - 4.7/10Documentary, Short, Sport
JUNE (2021)
Motherless BrooklynWatch HereJun 26IMDB - 6.8/10Crime, Mystery
FatherhoodWatch HereJun 18IMDB - 6.8/10Comedy, Drama
Katla Season-1 (Series)Watch HereJun 17IMDB - 7.3/10Drama, Mystery
Wish DragonWatch HereJun11IMDB - 6.9/10Animation, Adventure, Comedy
AwakeWatch HereJun 9IMDB - 4.8/10Action, Adventure, Drama
MAY (2021)
One Lagos NightWatch HereMay 30IMDB - 5.0/10Comedy, Crime
Blue MiracleWatch HereMay 27IMDB - 6.7/10Biography, Drama
Army Of The DeadWatch HereMay 21IMDB - 7.4/10Zombie, Horror
The Woman in the WindowWatch HereMay 14IMDB - 5.8/10Crime, Drama, Mystery
MonsterWatch HereMay 7IMDB - 6.5/10Drama
APRIL (2021)
Things Heard And SeenWatch HereApr 29IMDB - 5.8/10Horror, Mystery, Drama
Shadow And Bone (Series)Watch HereApr 24IMDB - 8.5/10Drama, Action
StowawayWatch HereApr 22IMDB - 5.6/10Drama
Why Did You Kill Me?Watch HereApr 14IMDB - 5.7/10Documentary, Crime
The SoulWatch HereApr 14IMDB - N/AMystery
Thunder ForceWatch HereApr 9IMDB - 4.3/10Action, Adventure, Comedy
Concrete CowboyWatch HereApr 2IMDB - 6.2/10Drama
MARCH (2021)
Bad TripWatch HereMar 26IMDB - 6.6/10Comedy
A Week AwayWatch HereMar 26IMDB - 5.6/10Drama
Crazy About HerWatch HereFeb 26IMDB - 6.6/10Comedy, Romance
Fate: The Winx SagaWatch HereFeb 23IMDB - 6.6/10Comedy, Fantasy
I Care AlotWatch HereFeb 19IMDB - 6.3/10Comedy, Crime, Thriller
To All The Boys 3Watch HereFeb 12IMDB - 6.3/10Comedy, Drama, Romance
Red DotWatch HereFeb 12IMDB - 5.5/10Drama, Horror, Thriller
Strip Down, Rise UpWatch HereFeb 6IMDB - 5.2/10Documentary
Space SweepersWatch HereFeb 6IMDB - 6.6/10Action, Drama
Malcolm & MarieWatch HereFeb 5IMDB - 6.7/10Drama, Romance
Raising The BarWatch HereFeb 1IMDB - 5.6/10Drama
JANUARY (2021)
The White TigerWatch HereJan 22IMDB - 7.1/10Crime, Drama
Outside The WireWatch HereJan 15IMDB - 5.4/10Action, Adventure
CrackWatch HereJan 12IMDB - N/ADocumentary
Full Out 2: You Got ThisWatch HereJan 5IMDB - 4.7/10Drama
Asphalt BurningWatch HereJan 2IMDB - 6.1/10Action, Comedy

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