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List Of Hindi Movies On Prime | Upcoming Hindi Movies On Prime | Latest Hindi Movies On Prime

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List Of Hindi Movies On PRIME and Upcoming Hindi Movies On PRIME
Prime Hindi Movies List.

If the movie listed here is not playing in your geographical location then it is restricted in your location. 
Try Searching with movie name on prime if the provided link here tells you movie is unavailable.

Upcoming Hindi Movies On PRIME 

UPCOMING ( 2021 )
ShamsheraComing SoonTBATBAAction, Drama

Hindi Movies On Prime - May 2022

MAY ( 2022 )
Panchayat (Season-2)Coming SoonMay 20IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Modern Love MumbaiComing SoonMay 13IMDB - N/ADrama, Comedy, Romance

Hindi Movies On Prime - April 2022

APRIL ( 2022 )
LiftWatch HereApr 20IMDB - N/ASuspense, Drama, Action
Second ChanceWatch HereApr 20IMDB - 7.4/10Drama
Guilty MindsWatch HereApr 22IMDB - N/ADrama
Bachchan PandeyWatch HereApr 15IMDB - 7.8/10Comedy, Action
Lunana: A yak in the ClassroomWatch HereApr 15IMDB - 7.3/10Drama
Seetharaam Benoy: Case No.18Watch HereApr 4IMDB - 7.5/10Crime

Hindi Movies On Prime - March 2022

MARCH ( 2022 )
Sharmaji NamkeenWatch HereMar 31IMDB - 8.3/10Comedy
JalsaWatch HereMar 18IMDB - 6.7/10Drama
Kalpataru (The Tree)Watch HereMar 8IMDB - N/ADrama

Hindi Movies On Prime - February 2022

FEBRUARY ( 2022 )
BestSeller (Series)Watch HereFeb 18IMDB - N/AThriller, Drama
GehraiyaanWatch HereFeb 11IMDB - 6.5/10Comedy, Romance, Drama

Hindi Movies On Prime - January 2022

JANUARY ( 2022 )
Unpaused (Series)Watch HereJan 21IMDB - 7.5/10Drama, Romance
Pushpa The RiseWatch HereJan 14IMDB - 8.1/10Action, Adventure, Crime
VelleWatch HereJan 7IMDB - 8.0/10Comedy, Drama
BekhudiWatch HereJan 5IMDB - 9.1/10Romance, Thriller
Bombhaat - The Power Of TimeWatch HereJan 4IMDB - N/ADrama

Hindi Movies On Prime - December 2021

DECEMBER ( 2021 )
Chicken Curry LawWatch HereDec 30IMDB - 6.0/10Drama
Chaman BahaarWatch HereDec 24IMDB - 7.0/10Comedy, Drama
Satyameva Jayate 2Watch HereDec 23IMDB - 5.3/10Action, Drama
Bunty Aur Babli 2Watch HereDec 17IMDB - 3.6/10Comedy, Romance
AxoneWatch HereDec 15IMDB - 7.0/10Comedy, Drama
Ajji (Granny)Watch HereDec 14IMDB - 7.0/10Crime, Drama
Inside Edge (Season-3)Watch HereDec 3IMDB - 8.0/10Drama
FlightWatch HereDec 1IMDB - N/ADrama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - NOVEMBER 2021

NOVEMBER ( 2021 )
ChhoriiWatch HereNov 26IMDB - 7.2/10Drama, Horror
Yaari Ho Toh Aisi FriendshipWatch HereNov 17IMDB - N/ADrama, Action, Suspense
12 O Clock NightmareWatch HereNov 17IMDB - N/AHorror
Adventures Of SrimannarayanaWatch HereNov 17IMDB - 7.9/10Action, Adventure, Comedy
The Rose VillaWatch HereNov 11IMDB - 7.3/10Horror, Thriller
RockyWatch HereNov 8IMDB - N/ADrama
Jai BhimWatch HereNov 2IMDB - 9.6/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - OCTOBER 2021

OCTOBER ( 2021 )
DybbukWatch HereOct 29IMDB - N/ADrama
Sardar Udham SinghWatch HereOct 16IMDB - 6.7/10Action
Guns Of BanarasWatch HereOct 1IMDB - 7.2/10Suspense
RoommateWatch HereOct 1IMDB - N/ASuspense, Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - SEPTEMBER 2021

SEPTEMBER ( 2021 )
ChehreWatch HereSep 30IMDB - 7.2/10Suspense
Birds Of ParadiseWatch HereSep 25IMDB - 5.9/10Drama
Masala ChaiWatch HereSep 17IMDB - 5.2/10Kids
Bell BottomWatch HereSep 16IMDB - 6.5/10Action, Thriller
The Balkan LineWatch HereSep 15IMDB - 6.5/10Suspense, Adventure, Action
Mumbai Diaries 26/11 (Season -1)Watch HereSep 9IMDB - 7.5/10Suspense, Drama
VivariumWatch HereSep 4IMDB - N/ASuspense, Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - AUGUST 2021

AUGUST ( 2021 )
UnmaadWatch HereAug 30IMDB - 8.3/10Drama
12 O' ClockWatch HereAug 29IMDB - N/AHorror
PishachiniWatch HereAug 25IMDB - 7.4/10Horror
DifferentWatch HereAug 25IMDB - N/ARomance, Action
ShershaahWatch HereAug 12IMDB - 8.9/10Action, Drama
Chhote UstaadWatch HereAug 11IMDB - N/ADrama
BrinaWatch HereAug 4IMDB - N/ADrama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - JULY 2021

JULY ( 2021 )
VaastaWatch HereJul 23IMDB - N/AHorror
JoltWatch HereJul 23IMDB- 5.5/10Comedy, Action
Hostel Daze (Season-2)Watch HereJul 23IMDB - 8.6/10Comedy, Drama
Track The MysteryWatch HereJul 22IMDB - N/ASuspense, Action
27 SeptemberWatch HereJul 21IMDB - N/ADrama
BrinaWatch HereJul 20IMDB - 6.9/10Drama
Prakash ElectronicsWatch HereJul 20IMDB- 5.1/10Comedy, Drama
B.A.PassWatch HereJul 19IMDB - 6.4/10Drama
ToofanWatch HereJul 16IMDB - 4.9/10Drama
AntervyathaaWatch HereJul 15IMDB - N/ARomance
Jaan! Jaan Loge Kya?Watch HereJul 10IMDB - N/ARomance
Kaashi In Search Of GangaWatch HereJul 7IMDB - 5.4/10Drama
The VigilWatch HereJul 6IMDB - 5.7/10Horror

Hindi Movies On PRIME - JUNE 2021

JUNE ( 2021 )
GurgaonWatch HereJun 29IMDB - 6.5/10Suspense, Drama
Deva RickshawalaWatch HereJun 29IMDB - N/ADrama, Romance
Black BudWatch HereJun 22IMDB - 7.0/10Drama
The Green ForceWatch HereJun 19IMDB - 8.5/10Action
SherniWatch HereJun 18IMDB - 7.4/10Drama
Meera MathurWatch HereJun 16IMDB - N/ADrama
StreeWatch HereJun 16IMDB - 7.6/10Comedy, Drama, Horror
Kuldip Patwal - I Didn't Do ItWatch HereJun 15IMDB - 6.6/10Suspense, Drama
When Obama Loved OsamaWatch HereJun 13IMDB - 4.9/10Comedy
Out Of TimeWatch HereJun 10IMDB - N/ASuspense, Horror
Half SongsWatch HereJun 9IMDB - 9.7/10Romance
PatangWatch HereJun 8IMDB - N/ADrama
Another RoundWatch HereJun 6IMDB - 7.8/10Comedy, Drama
DOM (Series)Watch HereJun 4IMDB - 8.2/10Drama
The Family Man 2 (Series)Watch HereJun 4IMDB - 8.6/10Action, Drama
Thodi Thodi si ManmaaniyanWatch HereJun 2IMDB - 5.9/10Romance
UglyWatch HereJun 2IMDB - 8.0/10Suspense, Drama
River SongWatch HereJun 1IMDB - 7.2/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - MAY 2021

MAY ( 2021 )
Rise of theTechnosapiensWatch HereMay 29IMDB - N/AKids
Koi Jaane NaWatch HereMay 27IMDB - 2.9/10Thriller
Sandeep Aur Pinky FaraarWatch HereMay 20IMDB - 3.8/10Suspense, Drama, Romance
Wonder Woman 1984Watch HereMay 15IMDB - 5.4/10Science Fiction, Action
The Last Hour (Series)Watch HereMay 13IMDB - 7.7/10Crime, Drama, Mystery
Sardaar Ji 2Watch HereMay 12IMDB - 5.3/10Adventure, Comedy
Ghar Pe BataaoWatch HereMay 5IMDB - 8.6/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - APRIL 2021

APRIL ( 2021 )
LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse (Show, Season1)Watch HereApr 30IMDB - N/AComedy
Mumbai SagaWatch HereApr 27IMDB - 5.6/10Action, Crime
Kuldip Patwal - I Didn't Do ItWatch HereApr 25IMDB - 6.7/10Suspense, Drama
SainaWatch HereApr 23IMDB - 2.5/10Biography, Drama, Sport
MuskurahateinWatch HereApr 16IMDB - 6.5/10Romance
WishlistWatch HereApr 16IMDB - 4.4/10Drama
YuvarathnaaWatch HereApr 16IMDB - 6.0/10Drama, Action
Bad SamaritanWatch HereApr 12IMDB - 6.5/10Action, Suspense
Hello CharlieWatch HereApr 9IMDB - 6.6/10Comedy
Page 16Watch HereApr 7IMDB - 3.8/10Horror
The Song of ScorpionsWatch HereApr 6IMDB - 5.9/10Drama, Action
VWatch HereApr 4IMDB - 6.6/10Action, Crime, Thriller
UdaanWatch HereApr 4IMDB - 8.6/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - MARCH 2021

MARCH ( 2021 )
My Client's WifeWatch HereMar 26IMDB - 6.1/10Suspense, Drama
Amma ki BoliWatch HereMar 26IMDB - 6.4/10
Drama, Comedy
AsuranWatch HereMar 24IMDB - 8.5/10Drama, Action
Panipat: The Great BetrayalWatch HereMar 24IMDB - N/ADrama, Action
Kaale Andheron MainWatch HereMar 19IMDB - N/AHorror, Action
Battalion 609Watch HereMar 19IMDB - 4/10Drama, Action
OdeyaWatch HereMar 18IMDB - 4.4/10Drama, Comedy, Action
DilbarWatch HereMar 10IMDB - N/AAction
Shaadi Ke PataseyWatch HereMar 9IMDB - N/AComedy, Drama
Devils RoseWatch HereMar 8IMDB - N/ADrama, Horror
DPWatch HereMar 5IMDB - N/ARomance
Arey Yaar Tum Kaun HoWatch HereMar 2IMDB - N/ADrama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - FEBRUARY 2021

FEBRUARY ( 2021 )
The Return Of RajmahalWatch HereFeb 25IMDB - N/ADrama
Agent SaiWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - 8.4/10Comedy, Thriller
UnhingedWatch HereFeb 17IMDB - 6.0/10Thriller, Action
Silly FellowsWatch HereFeb 16IMDB - 6.0/10Comedy, Drama
Life In a YearWatch HereFeb 12IMDB - 5.5/10Drama
Siyavar RamWatch HereFeb 10IMDB - N/AAnimation
Jack & DilWatch HereFeb 10IMDB - 3.6/10Romance/Comedy
Tejasvini 2Watch HereFeb 7IMDB - 6.8/10Crime, Drama
Chor The BicycleWatch HereFeb 5IMDB - 6.3/10Sports, Kids, Drama
Desi KatteyWatch HereFeb 5IMDB - 4.1/10Drama, Comedy, Action
Girls Of PaadhaiWatch HereFeb 2IMDB - N/ADocumentary

Hindi Movies On PRIME - JANUARY 2021

JANUARY ( 2021 )
MamangamWatch HereJan 20IMDB - 6.4/10Drama, History
Carry On Balle BalleWatch HereJan 16IMDB - 6.9/10Drama, Comedy
TandavWatch HereJan 15IMDB - 3.6/10Drama, Thriller
Mona DarlingWatch HereJan 13IMDB - 4.9/10Suspense, Horror
BioscopeWatch HereJan 12IMDB - 5.8/10Drama
The Last ColorWatch HereJan 9IMDB - 8.7/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - DECEMBER 2020

Anwar Ka Ajab KissaWatch HereDec 31IMDB - 6/10Comedy, Drama
Shubh RaatriWatch HereDec 29IMDB - 5/10Horror
Coolie No 1Watch HereDec 25IMDB - 1.4/10Comedy
HowlWatch HereDec 22IMDB - 5.4/10Horror, Suspense
UnpausedWatch HereDec 18IMDB - 7.3/10Drama, Romance
DurgamathiWatch HereDec 11IMDB - 3.9/10Horror, Thriller
Aaj Ka KhiladiWatch HereDec 10IMDb - 7.5/10Romance, Comedy
72 Hours: Martyr Who Never DiedWatch HereDec 9IMDB - 5.2/10Drama, War, Action
KinavalliWatch HereDec 5IMDB - 6.6/10Comedy, Horror, Mystery
Love AliveWatch HereDec 4IMDB - 7.5/10Suspense, Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - NOVEMBER 2020

Captain VidyutWatch HereNov 28IMDB -Action, Drama, Comedy, Animation
Love Qubool HaiWatch HereNov 25IMDB -Comedy, Drama, Romance
Project MarthwadaWatch HereNov 19IMDB - 6.4/10Drama
Door ke DarshanWatch HereNov 19IMDB - 6.2/10Drama, Comedy
Devil's DaughterWatch HereNov 18IMDB - 2.6/10Horror, Sci-fi
DhiraWatch HereNov 18IMDB - 7.7/10Animation
ChhalaangWatch HereNov 13IMDB - 6.7/10Drama, Comedy
Sifar A Gift Of LoveWatch HereNov 11IMDB - 8.6/10Romance, Drama, Suspense

Hindi Movies On PRIME - OCTOBER 2020

One and half KnotWatch HereOct 28IMDB -Drama
RanbankaWatch HereOct 21IMDB - 3.6/10Drama
RakshakWatch HereOct 13IMDB -Action, Drama
SarabhamWatch HereOct 13IMDB - 7.1/10Suspense, Action, Comedy
Daagadi ChawlWatch HereOct 10IMDB - 6.2/10Action

Hindi Movies On PRIME - SEPTEMBER 2020

The GreyWatch HereSep 26IMDB - 8.1/10Suspense
JaguarWatch HereSep 17IMDB -Action
PinkWatch HereSep 17IMDB - 8.1/10Suspense, Drama
DhwajaWatch HereSep 16IMDB - 6.4/10Drama, Action, Suspense
Dangerous OfficerWatch HereSep 16IMDB - 6.5/10Drama, Action
BhumiWatch HereSep 15IMDB - 5.4/10Action, Drama
Disco SinghWatch HereSep 12IMDB -Comedy
TallukhWatch HereSep 5IMDB - 5.2/10Action, Suspense, Romance

Hindi Movies On PRIME - AUGUST 2020

Bobby JasoosWatch HereAug 28IMDB - 5.5/10Dram, Suspense
One Day Justice DeliveredWatch HereAug 26IMDB - 5.5/10Drama, Action, Suspense
ValayalWatch HereAug 20IMDB -Drama, Action, Romance
BloodshotWatch HereAug 12IMDB - 5.7/10Sci-fi, Drama, Action
1920 LondonWatch HereAug 11IMDB - 4.1/10Suspense, Horror
AruviWatch HereAug 8IMDB - 8.5/10Drama, Kids
HawaizaadaWatch HereAug 4IMDB - 5.5/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - JULY 2020

Shakuntala DeviWatch HereJul 31IMDB - 6.1/10Drama
Birds of PreyWatch HereJul 29IMDB - 6.1/10Action
GreedWatch HereJul 28IMDB - 5.7/10Comedy
Mission GoldFishWatch HereJul 24IMDB - 4.5/10Suspense, Drama, Action
Gemini ManWatch HereJul 22IMDB - 5.7/10Action, Adventure
RichieWatch HereJul 8IMDB - 5.3/10Drama, Action
Honey BoyWatch HereJul 8IMDB - 7.3/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - JUNE 2020

MirzyaWatch HereJun 12IMDB - 4.6/10Action, Drama, Culture
Gulabo SitaboWatch HereJun 12IMDB - 6.3/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - MAY 2020

The Warrior Queen of JhansiWatch HereMay 29IMDB - 3.5/10Drama
Hotel MilanWatch HereMay 23IMDB - 3.8/10Comedy, Drama
The LodgeWatch HereMay 22IMDB - 6.0/10Suspense, Drama, Horror
Jumanji: The Next LevelWatch HereMay 10IMDB - 6.7/10Action, Comedy
ThappadWatch HereMay 1IMDB - 6.9/10Drama

Hindi Movies On PRIME - APRIL 2020

Bhoot Part One:
The Haunted Ship
Watch HereApr 22IMDB - 5.4/10Horror
Shubh Mangal
Zyada Saavdhan
Watch HereApr 18IMDB - 6.9/10Comedy, Drama
ShikaraWatch HereApr 4IMDB - 3.7/10Romance, Drama
RocketmanWatch HereApr 2IMDB - 7.3/10Drama, Arts, Culture

Hindi Movies On PRIME - MARCH 2020

Jawaani JaanemanWatch HereMar 28IMDB - 6.7/10Comedy
ParasiteWatch HereMar 27IMDB - 8.6/10Drama
KissebaazWatch HereMar 23IMDB - 4.6/10Romance, Drama
Street Dancer 3DWatch HereMar 20IMDB - 3.6/10Drama
Khel Toh Ab Shuru HogaWatch HereMar 3IMDB -Suspense, Drama, Action

Hindi Movies On PRIME - FEBRUARY 2020

Good NewwzWatch HereFeb 22IMDB - 7.0/10Drama, Comedy
Dabangg 3Watch HereFeb 15IMDB - 3.2/10Action, Romance
Mardaani 2Watch HereFeb 8IMDB - 7.4/10Action, Drama, Suspense

Hindi Movies On PRIME - JANUARY 2020

Pati Patni Aur WohWatch HereJan 31IMDB - 5.8/10Comedy, Romance
PaharganjWatch HereJan 30IMDB - 4.9/10Suspense, Drama
PagalpantiWatch HereJan 17IMDB - 3.1/10Action, Comedy
Angry Birds 2Watch HereJan 12IMDB - 6.4/10Kids
MarjaavaanWatch HereJan 10IMDB - 3.5/10Romance

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