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TIDBITS NOV-20 "Latest Tollywood News"

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1) Anand Devarakonda watching 'Middle Class Melodies' with loved ones

Anand Devarakonda, Vijay Devarakonda with their family and Varsha Bollamma watching together 'Middle Class Melodies' movie. The movie is out on Prime coming up with good reviews. Just a feel good movie.


2) Vishnu Manchu's movie better than 'Dhee' movie, Can you guess?

'Dhee' movie is one of the best and hit movie in Vishnu's career. This movie was a game changer not just for Vishnu but for the entire cast and crew. It is released on April 13th, 2007. And now he is expecting a movie which could be better than 'Dhee'. An exciting update will be revealed on November 23rd, 2020. Lets wait and see which movie titled could be better than 'Dhee'.

3) Tapsee's sunset exotic drink

Menu can just be an ordinary one. This fat-burning drink helps to combat the pain and inflammation in muscles caused by athletic training. This drink contains many ingredients in it. Stay natural and be exotic.

4) Nani's movie curtain raiser on Nov 21st at 10.35AM

Are you excited for Nani's 28th movie? Just 1 day to go for the curtain raiser of his movie. Its tomorrow November 21st at 10.35AM. Stay tuned for more details. The Expression queen Nazriya is acting beside Nani in this movie.


5) Wishing Priyanka Arul Mohan a very happy birthday

Wishing Priyanka Mohan happy birthday. She turns out 27. She acted in Nani's Gang leader and now coming up with "Sreekaaram" movie beside Sharwanand. Now she is getting chances to act in tamil as well as Kannada movies.

6) Satyadev passing time in between the shots of "Thimmarusu"

when you love your work, you will enjoy it for sure. Satyadev having some great fun time by playing cricket in between the shots of "Thimmarusu" movie. Watch few seconds video of him playing cricket. I guess you will remember your play time too.

7) Fan meet event of 'Middle Class Melodies' movie

Virtual fan meet and grant event with the cast of 'Middle Class Melodies' . Varsha Bollamma feels happy to see all the happy faces at the meet. Watch the movie on prime.

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