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TIDBITS NOV-25 "Latest Tollywood News"

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1) Hero Aadi wishes happy anniversary to his parents

Hero Aadi wishes his parents Sai Kumar garu and Surekha Kumar garu happy anniversary. Aadi posted a pic of his parents which was taken long back infront of Taj Mahal and so lovely to watch them captured by cute snap.

2) 9 years for "Solo" movie

Its been 9 years for "Solo" movie. This movie is not just special for Nara Rohith and Nisha Aggarwal but also to the whole cast and crew of "Solo" movie. It is a super hit blockbuster movie and a milestone in both Nara Rohith and Nisha Aggarwal films. Its a special movie for Nara Rohith for many reasons.


3) Mahesh Babu gets 6 Million followers on Instagram

Super Star Mahesh Babu is active on social media these days and touches 6 Million followers recently. With actress now actors also going strong in social media. He is posting the movie events and his family pics too with his fans through insta. 

4) Tamannaah surprised her family by coming home

Its a surprise for Tamannaah family and her little fluff ball as she arrives home. Definitely family is really a great support with love for any of them. And she loves to cuddle her pet "Pebbles" and spend time with it.

5) Tring....Tring....Im ready for a cycle ride - Samantha Akkineni

Samantha looks like a pretty college girl going on for a cycle ride. This post makes us to remember our childhood days....Age is just a number. You can have all the fun than missing it later right?  Anyways Samantha is enjoying her vacay in Maldives.

6) "SamJam" with Rana Daggubati on November 27th on Aha

Here is Rana Daggubati coming up with second episode of "SamJam" on November 27th on Aha. Year 2020 , how it started and how its going on.....lets see what our hero shares with us. And remember this is the year he got married and started his youtube channel...hahaha.....

7) simple lifestyle of Digangana Suryavanshi while her road trip

Digangana Suryavanshi with her family on road trip. She says there is something rejuvenating in the simple lifestyle. She is so simple like a normal girl and loves being it and have a normal life. Stopping the car and enjoying the food on road.......


8) Vijay Devarakonda gonna pay half bill of every visitor this weekend in "Good vibes only" cafe

Anand Devarakonda makes his first paycheck valuable by investing in " Good Vibes Only" cafe along with his friends. His brother Vijay Devarakonda will pay half bill of every visitor this weekend in cafe. Enjoy full on Hyderabadi people.....Also, you may get a chance to see some cast members of "Middle Class Melodies" on Saturday.

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