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Sangeeth Night - #Nischay

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1) Extraordinary Gentlemen together

2) Hugs & Smiles....

3) Ram Charan & Upasana in a royal look

4) #Nischay getting ready for their dance

5) Allu Sirish looking in a stylish way

6) Lavanya Tripati and Ritu Varma shimmered with their attire in sangeeth

7) Sai Dharam Tej and Ram Charan posing for a selfie

8) Chiranjeevi & family.....

9) Allu Arjun with Ritu Varma

10) Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej

11) Together #Nischay

12) Its time to dance....

13) You & Me.....Hold my hands, Look into my eyes.......

14) Together "WE"

15) With Cousins 

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