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TIDBITS DEC - 10 "Latest Tollywood News"

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1) "Krack" second single will be out on Dec 14th

"Krack" movie second single will be out Dec 14th. The song was sung by Rockstar Anirudh with Thaman music. And there are more surprises too.....lets wait and see.

2) Punarnavi dressed up for her friend's marriage

Punarnavi dressed up beautifully in a gorgeous looking lehanga for her friend's marriage. She looks cute and beautiful at the same time.

3) Sneak peek into Episode-4  of  "SamJam"

Here is a glimpse of Episode - 4 of  "SamJam". Can you guess who is the guest coming to "SamJam" this time? Its Milky beauty Tamannaah. You can watch Sam & Tam hungama on December 11th from 6PM on Aha Video.

4) "Solo Brathuke So Better" title song at 11AM tomorrow

"Solo Brathuke so Better" title song will be out tomorrow at 11AM. This song is dedicated to all the singles as said by Sai Dharam Tej.

5) Singles words play by Sai Dharam Tej

To all the singles here, a small and easy words play game by Sai Dharam Tej, guess the words of benefits of being single and share those words in the comment section of his post. Something interesting, try it out.

6) Anupama's new goal

It is like Anupama learning telugu language if you see at her pics. It remembers our childhood days when you see the cursive writing book, doesn't it? It is her new goal and she thanks Gopi garu for that book. Lots of patience too is require to learn telugu  for not just speaking but writing also.


7) "IIT Krishnamurthy" movie review

Do you have a habit of knowing the review before watching the movie? Then here it is..... The movie is released on Prime yesterday. There is some clarity missing in the movie. To know in detail visit this site -  IIT KRISHNAMURTHY MOVIE REVIEW

8) Shyam Singha Roy shoot begins

Hero Nani's "Shyam Singha Roy" movie shoot begins. And the first clap for the movie is given by his father. Here is a few seconds video of it....


9) Allu Arjun with his kids

Allu Arjun with his cute kids Allu Arha and Allu Ayaan on his way back to Hyderabad after Nischay's wedding. He is managing both the kids and having fun with them.

10) Nagababu shares the video of some memories from Niharika's wedding

Nagababu shares video of their family with different events that took place in Niharika & Chaitanya wedding. Some memories to cherish from the wedding.

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