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TIDBITS DEC - 26 "Latest Tollywood News"

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1) "Orey Bujjiga" releasing in theatres on Jan 1st, 2021

"Orey Bujjiga" is coming back in theatres to entertain us all again on the New Year Day, Jan 1st. Get entertained and have fun in theatres.

2) Abhijeet turned as SantAbhi

Abhijeet who was the winner of Biggboss 4 telugu dressed up as a Santa says he didn't copy Vijay Devarakonda but he just wanted to spread Christmas cheer. He gave gifts to the needy and children at the orphanage.


3) The Mega Meet - Nagababu with BB4 winner Abhijeet

Nagababu garu and Abhijeet meets up Nagababu garu congratulates him for being Biggboss4 telugu winner. And watch the video where both of them had the chit chat.

4) Naveen Polisetty as 'Jogipet Srikanth' from "Jaathi Rathnalu"

On the day of Naveen Polisetty birthday, he is introduced as 'Jogipet Srikanth' from "Jaathi Rathnalu" movie. Another different movie in the hands of talented actor.

5) Ranveer Singh about Mahesh Babu

Ranveer Singh about Mahesh Babu while working for Thumps Up ad says Mahesh Babu is one of the finest gentleman  and says their interactions are always enriching.

6) Regina about Christmas

Regina says throughout the year, Christmas is the best time for her. And she says that every gift she chooses is special and has meaning to it and she is attached to every gift of it. She also adds up that she love December month not only just because of  weather or Christmas but also her birthday falls in month of December.

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