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TIDBITS DEC-31 "Latest Tollywood News"

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1) "VakeelSaab" arriving tonight at 00:00

On the occasion of new year, our "Vakeel Saab" arriving tonight at 00:00. Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans stay tuned for update tonight.

2) "Orey Bujiga" in theatres from Jan 1st 

"Orey Bujjiga" in movie theatres from Jan 1st, get ready to laugh and get entertained.

3) "V" the movie in theatres from Jan 1st

"V" the movie in theatres from Jan 1st, enjoy this thriller movie with theatre effect. You will enjoy to experience it.


4) Chiranjeevi congratulates Sonu Sood

Megastar Chiranjeevi heartfully congratulates Sonu Sood . Sonu Sood is playing as a villain in "Acharya", while their combination scenes, Chiranjeevi took time to congratulate him  on twitter on his book "I Am No Messiah".

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