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TIDBITS DEC - 9 "Latest Tollywood News"

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1) Beautiful Niharika Bride - to - be

Gorgeous Niharika in a beautiful dress and with full happy smile on her face, letting to keep Mehandi on her hands....

 2) "Krack" team announcement tomorrow at 10.00AM

"Krack" team is planning to release 2nd single, let's know what's in the announcement tomorrow at 10.00AM. Stay tuned guys.

3) Haldi Ceremony of #Nischay

Everything yellow today in Udaipur for seeking all good times to happen. can you guess why? Because its time for Niharika's & Chaitanya's Haldi Ceremony.

4) "Thimmarusu" teaser at 5PM today

Actor SataDev's "Thimmarassu" teaser at 5PM today, it will be launched by Puri Jagan. Stay tuned for interesting launch.


5) Haldi ceremony of #Nischay

Today is the day that Miss Niharika gonna turn into Mrs.Niharika. The day started with Haldi Ceremony early. Both shine bright in yellow outfit.

6) Allu Anvitha & Allu Arha

Allu Anvitha and Allu Arha both cuties dressed up like dolls and show off their hands with mehandi during mehandi event at Nischay wedding.

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