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Most Viewed Telugu Short Films Of The Year 2020 | 2020 Most Viewed Short Films

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More than 50 trending youtube channels, A total of 2500 plus Short Films excluding Vlogs, 250 plus on screen artists and countless off screen artists, Short Films and Youtube has become the most entertaining pieces of the year 2020.

But It has been quite difficult to search every short film released and very tough to find out which is most watched or which is best to watch.

CPM(CinemaPichiMama) is the first and only website providing the information of the most viewed and best short films released every week, month and year.

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Our idea is to help every one to reduce their search time and give you the watch information by shortlisting the best short films information on youtube.

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While there are many good short films over the youtube, audience are only attached to few channels content especially "My Village Show" & Shanmukh Jaswanth's Software developer.

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Lets take a look at the Most Viewed Telugu Short Films Of The Year - 2020

15) How We Eat - Office Vs Home - Mahathalli - 3.39M Views

14) Nuvva Nena - EP-25 - Warangal Vandana - 3.42M Views

13) The Perfect Sales Girl - Part-3 - Dhethadi - 3.43M Views

12) World Famous Husbands - Shanmukh Jaswanth - 3.51M Views

11) Karma - Marrying your Ex-Girlfriend - Shanmukh Jaswanth - 3.74M Views

10)  Sankranthi Katregula Panduga - My Village Show - 3.96M Views

9) City lo Sankranthi - Dhethadi - 4.17M Views

8) The Late comers 6 - The Lab Exam - Shravan Kotha - 4.18M Views

7) Stingy Gangavva - My Village Show - 4.34M Views

6) Allari Pillalu - Part-1 - My Village Show - 4.86M Views

5) Whatsapp Gangavva - My Village Show - 7.48M Views

4) Village Crabs Hunt - My Village Show - 7.58M Views

3) Medaram - My Village Show - Medaram - 8.82M Views

2) Gangavva Lockdown Incharge - My Village Show - 12.28M Views

1) The Software Developer - Shanmukh Jaswanth - 14.86M Views

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