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Get to know about MISS INDIA 2020 - Manasa Varanasi

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Here is our Manasa Varanasi from Telangana, our own Hyderabadi girl who became Miss India 2020

Something to know about her :-

Manasa completed her school from Global Indian and done her college studies at Vasavi College of Engineering. People from Vasavi College might definitely feel happy for her and also admire her as she is a known person to many in college. She is a 2018 passed out and graduated in computer science from Hyderabad.

After Engineering, she became Miss India 2019 Telangana finalist when she was 21 years old. Other than this, she works as an analyst at a financial firm. The 23 year old beauty is also a fitness enthusiast. Coming to her interests, she has interests in reading, music, yoga and dreamy skies.

She expresses herself  mostly through Bharatnatyam & Sangeetham and spend her most of the time in exploring new art and mystery. About herself she says like this " I've always considered curiosity as my best friend, as a shy girl child it helped me face my fears. As an anxious teenager, it helped me step out of my comfort zone. And as an overwhelming adult, it helps me protect my mental health everyday".

More about her :-

👉Favorite quote?

"Instructions for living a life. Pay Attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." By Mary Oliver

👉Interesting things about me?

My favourite song to sing in shower is 'We are the champions by Queen'.

👉Favorite Series?

The Office

👉Favorite Scent?

Cherry Blossom or freshly ground coriander/pesto

👉Favorite movie dialogue?

Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

👉Favorite dessert?

Tiramisu, Fruit Pudding, Rasamalai

👉Favourite colour?

Fiery Red, Turquoise

👉Favorite Movie?

Dead Poets society, Interstellar, Andhadhun

👉Favorite Book?

The Little Prince

👉Be able to fly or breathe underwater?

Breathe underwater

👉Have no wifi or no music?

No wifi

👉Talk to dogs or talk to plants?

Love talking to both

👉Win a vacation or win a car?

Vacation, anyday

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